Piping & Drumming

The Scotland County Highland Games are pleased to host Mr. Donald MacPhee as this year’s special guest judge and recitalist. Donald MacPhee is an American that moved to Scotland in 1997. A reed maker for over 20 years. Donald has achieved the pinnacle of success at both the solo and pipe band scene. A Gold Medalist at the Northern Meetings in 2005 and an accumulation of pipe band championships over the course of the past 16 years numbering in 33 major pipe band championship wins including 6 World Pipe Band Championships, 8 Champion of Champion titles and 2 Grand Slams.

The Scotland County Highland Games will be holding a full spectrum of EUSPBA sanctioned pipe band and individual piping and drumming competitions. Please download this application to register for the piping and drumming competition.

Attention All Pipers!

Please download the Solo Piping Schedule to see when you will be playing during the solo competition. If you have any questions please ask the director of piping on the field and remember to register with the director when you arrive.