Piping & Drumming

Michael Grey had to cancel at the last minute, so the Scotland County Highland Games are pleased to welcome Matt MacIsaac from Cape Breton Island, Canada as our guest piping judge. Mr. MacIsaac will also be giving a piping concert on Friday night, October 3, at 8:00 in Avenger Auditorium at St. Andrews University.

The Scotland County Highland Games will be holding a full spectrum of EUSPBA sanctioned pipe band and individual piping and drumming competitions.

Download this application form for all individual and band piping and drumming competitions. Registration will include admission to the games. For more information, contact the Director of Piping.

Individual piping registration forms must include a stamped self addressed no. 10 (4 x 9-1/2) envelope. Pipe band applications must include a self addressed 9 x 12 envelope with $1.82 postage.

The Scotland County Highland Games is please to welcome the pipe bands to the 2014 games.

Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums Grade 5
Jamestown Pipes & Drums Grade 5
John Mohr MacKintosh
Knoxville Pipes & Drums Grade 5
North Atlanta Pipes & Drums
Palmetto Pipes & Drums
Wake & District Pipes & Drums Grade 5
City of Chattanooga Pipe Band
City of Greenville Pipes & Drums Grade 4
Jamestown Pipes & Drums Grade 4
Knoxville Pipes & Drums Grade 4
Loch Norman Pipe Band
NCSU Pipes & Drums Grade 4
Wake & District Pipes & Drums Grade 4
Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums Grade 3
And, of course, the Saint Andrew's University Pipe Band